Bullying Is Not Hot! 

Dave is the creator of the Bullying Is Not Hot program. A program that entered Atlanta area, High Schools and Colleges talking about the different types of bullying including cyber bullying.

Often Dave brought Celebrities and top Recording Artist to make a surprise appearance after we got the message out. 

Dave Created The Christmas Angels Program.

When I was a kid growing up, we didn't have a lot of things. We never had big Christmas celebrations. My Mom was a single parent. I was the youngest of nine, and I was an unexpected pregnancy.

We got a lot of our stuff from Goodwill and the Salvation Army. I know what it feels like not to see a lot of toys under the Christmas tree. I did my best to help those in need have a better Christmas.

This Is My Story!

How to connect with people.

With all the social media channels available at your fingertips. It's easier now than ever before to connect with your audience. I've been preaching this since 2016.

That multimedia device did you have in your hand, you may think it's just for talking on the phone and taking selfies. But that's your television in a box.

Social Emotional Learning

Dave is a certified NLP Coach. His stories are captivating, heartbreaking, and motivating. Dave has come back and excelled through many challenges. His story will motivate you.

Dave is Focused on three major areas—Personal Development, Overcoming Adversity, and Cancel Culture.  Dave believes the only way you can lose is if YOU quit.


They Said It Could Not Be Done.

I never heard an employer tell me not to worry about beating the big station in town. We just want to be competitive.

When I listened to their signal versus ours, I understood. But I've always believed that content is the most important thing. If your content is good, people will come to you and stay with you.

Hello from Dave

My story is interesting and relatable. The youngest of nine, by the time things got passed down to me. There wasn't much left. I don't ever recall my Dad ever getting me a Christmas present, Birthday present for the most part even being present. I did meet him three times. The last time was when he was in a casket.

Yes, I went to his funeral. Let's talk about it.

Never Give Up!

My high school radio instructor crushed my dreams. He told me, I will make sure you never work in radio. This was over a dispute about renting the High Schools DJ equipment. He wanted me to pay him under the table. When I refused, he tried to ruin me.

Thankfully, my popularity and my belief in God, he had no choice, but to return me to the High Schools radio station. Never give up on your dreams.

Family  & Friends

Expect Competition!

 Face it if you weren't good, would anybody be coming for you? It's the fact that you went from good to great that has drawn attention to you.

Don't get caught slipping. Competition creates excellence. Stay focus on what you got going on.

Just Some Cool People

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